Sophisticated streamliner.

A silhouette for the new era of electric mobility, the gracefully sloping streamliner design highlights the dynamic efficiency of this one-of-kind electric sedan. The aerodynamically sculpted shape with its simple, yet sensuous curves has its roots in the Prophecy Concept EV.

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IONIQ 6 connects an emotional convergence of functionality with aesthetics.


Inside out. Interior first design for more space.

Human-centric from the start, IONIQ 6’s interior space was developed simultaneously with the exterior form. This integrated approach is an unconventional way of designing a car, but has yielded an exceptional result: a cocoon-like cabin that lets passengers freely enjoy in-car life. Interior space has been maximised, stretching it at the front and rear – resulting in the unique streamliner silhouette and spacious interior.

Mindful cocoon.

Inspired by the Prophecy Concept EV, the dome-shaped cabin is designed to be comfortable and practical – a personal hideaway-like space like a Mindful Cocoon.

Intuitive control.

The user-centric interior features an ergonomically designed control unit that is centrally located to reduce distraction and help intuitive driving.

Integrated displays.

The sleek modular dashboard features two integrated displays for a high tech look: a 12.3” full- touch infotainment screen and a 12.3” digital cluster.

Customize the look and feel of your cabin.

Create an atmosphere to suit your mood. Select one of the 6 dual colour themes developed by colour experts to help drivers and passengers feel more relaxed and comfortable. Or choose from 64 colours to compose your own mood light settings. What's more, the Speed Sync Lighting mode adds emotion to the driving experience by changing the brightness of the interior lighting based on the vehicle’s speed.

Speed sync lighting.

Feel the speed. Interactive speed sensitive lighting in the front door shifts the brightness of the ambient lighting from 10% at 30 km/h to 100% at 100 km/h. 1

The perfect place for a power nap.

Enjoy premium comfort with two fully reclining relaxation seats in the front for a refreshing break while charging – at the push of a single button.

Give your legs a stretch.

Our designers and engineers collaborated to optimise the cabin, stretching it at the front and rear to maximise interior space so you can drive and lounge in ultimate comfort.

Sustainable eco-friendly materials.

Inspired by nature and driven by our commitment to sustainability, IONIQ 6's interior makes extensive use of eco-friendly materials like: recycled PET bottles and fishing nets, plant-based plastic yarns, eco-processed leather with plant-based extracts, and bio paint with plant-based extracts.

Interior colour choices.


Discover the essence of streamlined simplicity.

The clean, rounded lines and streamlined design of IONIQ 6 exude elegant simplicity. Aerodynamic and emotional, the sweeping curves and smooth lines pay homage to the iconic streamlined vehicles of the 1920’s and 30’s – reimagined for today’s sustainable mobility.

Elegant efficiency.

Flowing Parametric Pixel LED headlamps harmonize with the front bumper’s sleek air intakes and Active Air Flaps for an elegantly efficient look in the front.

Gracefully aerodynamic silhouette.

The unique streamliner typology of IONIQ 6 is characterized by clean and simple lines and an aerodynamically sculpted silhouette designed to thrill - and deliver optimum range.

Distinctive low-profile tail.

Designed for aerodynamic efficiency to maximize the electric driving range, the ducktail shape reinforces the downforce, and the slight boat-tail structure reduces drag.

Amazing aerodynamics: low drag means high range.

In the EV era, air resistance is more important than any other performance. And with IONIQ 6, our engineers and designers have achieved a new benchmark: an impressively low 0.21 drag coefficient. Above and beyond its streamlined shape, IONIQ 6 features a wide range of advanced aerodynamic solutions including: the rear spoiler, front active air flaps, wheel air curtains, wheel gap reducers, separation traps and wheel deflectors.

Active air flaps.

When closed, the valley-like shape of the active air flap guides airflow into the air-intake, working with the wheel air curtain and wheel gap reducer to improve aerodynamics.

Wheel gap reducer.

The wheel gap reducer using Passive Flow Control at the front of the wheel well helps further reduce air resistance.

Supercomputer aero efficiency.

The morphing technique used to find the ideal shape of the spoiler and other advanced aerodynamic solutions, utilized a supercomputer and computational fluid dynamics analysis.

Exclusive alloy wheels.

The aero-optimized alloy wheels echo the design theme, exuding an exclusive electric flair and harmonise beautifully with the sleek profile. Choose from an 18” and 20” version.

Transparent accents.

Glass-like, transparent materials highlight IONIQ 6’s sleekly efficient look. Featured extensively on the rear spoiler as well as on the Digital Side Mirrors and shark fin antenna.

Newly designed badge.

To further highlight IONIQ 6’s uniqueness, the newly designed Hyundai ‘H’ badge is applied on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Flush door handles.

Simple, yet sensuous, the side graphics are highlighted by auto flush door handles that enhance the clean look and aerodynamics.

Wing-inspired rear spoiler.

The elliptical wing-inspired rear spoiler is shaped with glass-like, transparent materials that highlight its one-of-kind LED signature lighting.

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Parametric Pixels.

IONIQ 6 features over 700 Parametric Pixels – a signature design element that all IONIQ vehicles share. They can be found in the LED headlamps and rear combination lamps as well as the front lower sensors, Digital Side Mirrors, air vent garnishes and the centre console charge indicator for the wireless smartphone charging pad.


Choose from eleven exterior colours, including two options available with a matte finish. Depending on the colour chosen, the body cladding mouldings come in Medium Silver or semi-gloss Black Metallic.

The power of choice.


Innovative use of environmentally friendly materials.

Sustainable materials are used extensively in IONIQ 6, including recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tyres in the cladding and bamboo charcoal pigment paint for the body. The interior features eco-processed leather, recycled PET fabric, bio PET fabric, bio paint derived from vegetable oils, and recycled fishing net carpet. The innovative use of natural materials is another contribution to sustainability in our manufacturing processes, making IONIQ 6 less reliant on oil-based products.

Sustainable materials in the IONIQ 6.

Turning ocean waste into floor mats.

We support the Healthy Seas NGO in recovering abandoned fishing nets, which are then recycled into ECONYL®, the regenerated nylon yarn used in the IONIQ 6 floor mats.

Plant-based components for seats and carpets.

The seat, headlining and carpets include recycled PET fabric as well as bio components extracted from sugar cane and corn. And the leather used in the seats is eco-process dyed using flaxseed oil.

Bio paint and bamboo charcoal pigments.

Bio paint derived from vegetable oils is used on the interior doors, recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tyres in the cladding, and bamboo charcoal pigment paint on the body.

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