The importance of being Genuine.

All our products are created, designed and manufactured with you in mind. It’s a philosophy that extends to every Genuine accessory in our portfolio. It means that everything we offer has been subjected to the same rigorous testing procedures, the same design standards, and the demanding industry requirements. So your personal choice of Hyundai Genuine accessories will always contribute to the value and appeal of your IONIQ 6.

Charging cable, Mode 3.

The charging cable, Mode 3 is equipped with Type 2 plugs at both ends and can be used for the day-to-day charging at public and domestic charging points that provide Type 2 sockets.


Perfect enhancements to a streamlined design.

Your IONIQ 6 is easily identified by its extremely sleek shape. Our Genuine accessories have been created to add complementary enhancements to the original design. Like all our Genuine accessories, they are fashioned from the best materials and will fit your car perfectly.

Tailgate trim line.

Super elegance in every detail. This piano black strip brings a stylish finishing touch to your IONIQ 6 tailgate.

Side trim line.

Bring more premium dynamism to the side panels of your IONIQ 6 with these piano black side trim lines.


Safety and strength. With Genuine wheels.

Nothing adds more personality to your IONIQ 6 than your own choice of Genuine wheels. More than this, they provide the essential link between your car and the road. Our Genuine wheels are manufactured to the same high benchmarks as the car itself. That means meeting all relevant industry standards, including manufacturing precision and essential structural strength capabilities. The perfect additions to your IONIQ 6.


Augment your carrying capacity.

Even though your IONIQ 6 is already an icon of streamlined automobile design, it can also manage the practicalities of everyday life. Our Genuine tow bars extend the flexibility of your car, especially when it comes to safely and securely carrying your favourite bikes.

Tow bar, detachable.

Detachable and above all dependable: You can rely on this corrosion-resistant steel tow bar to transport your cargo securely and efficiently. Featuring a 3-ball locking system, it can be simply detached.

Bike carrier for all tow bars.

On day cycle trips or biking holidays, this carrier takes all the hassle out of loading and unloading. Compact and theft-resistant, you can even open the tailgate with your bikes on the back!


Luxurious protection with a conscience.

The car you chose in the showroom is the car you want to keep for a long time. That means protecting its interior with accessories that are purpose-made to give you that “at home” feeling.

All weather mats.

However extreme the weather, however extreme your adventure, these durable and easy-to-clean floor mats form a protective layer against wet, muddy or sandy shoes. With a customized shape and fixing points to hold them firmly in place.

Trunk liner.

From gardening tools to sports equipment – some cargo can be potentially wet or grimy. Made from 80% bio-based sources this semi-rigid, anti-slip and waterproof liner with raised edges will keep your trunk clean.

Textile floor mats, velour, ECONYL®.

Our ECONYL® velour floor mats are manufactured from a material which has been recovered from maritime fishing nets. These high-quality mats are just as comfortable and resilient as conventional velour mats. They are tailor-made to fit the footwells perfectly and are held in place by the standard fixing points and anti-slip backing.

Trunk mat, reversible.

Enjoy double the protection with two flippable surfaces – high-quality velour on one side, and a resilient dirt-resistant finish on the other – to suit the whole range of different transports life brings with it.

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And there's more!

Hyundai Genuine Accessories have been created to help you enjoy even more fun and versatility with your IONIQ 6. All are precision-made using high-quality materials, so that they will fit your car perfectly.